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Simplify STR is a team of short term rental experts here to help streamline, optimize, and maximize short term rental profitability, from both a financial and regulatory standpoint. Many owners pay top dollar to have management companies run their listings for a large percentage of the properties income. However, there are other much cheaper alternatives that would provide a similar level of freedom without the major expense. Here at Simplify STR, we help our customers optimize everything about their listings to minimize management time while maximizing their short term rental profitability. 

For those that are not yet an owner and seeking their first Airbnb Investment property - we are here to help. Our team of licensed realtors specialize in short term rentals and can help locate the most profitable properties while adhering to local regulations. We use state of the art data mining software to find the areas that have the lowest vacancy rates while also maintaining the highest nightly profits and find investment properties accordingly. STR regulations are constantly changing and often are neighborhood specific, before you buy it's important you fully understand how those regulations may impact your potential investment - something our team will help you navigate.​

On the regulation and permitting front, we have software which can assess the entire market to check for compliance and help locate fraudulent properties. This software can be customized to fit any specific needs or regulatory requirements and delivers the information in an actionable way to help protect city and keep the bookings with the legally permitted properties.

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Everyone on our team owns or manages their own portfolio of Short Term Rental Properties, so we have a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve success in the marketplace. The CEO of Simplify STR has over a decade of experience in residential real estate investing, and the rest of our team consists of licensed real estate agents, account managers, and software engineers, and more - all with a passion for short term rentals.  

Our goal is to simplify the process of buying and managing an Airbnb while maximizing short term rental profitability. There are way too many poorly managed Airbnb service companies taking a huge chunk of the profits from homeowners to do very little (and often sub-par) work. 

We all treat our own properties like a business, and do it very well. Across the board all of our properties have over a 4.9 average star rating and lead the respective areas in occupancy rates. We also take pride in taking all of the necessary steps to properly permit our properties and ensure they are in compliance with local regulations. 

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