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STR Regulation Compliance Services

Protect your neighborhoods and legally permitted properties with automated compliance reporting

Illegal Airbnb's are not only detrimental to the city and local community, but it also decreases the occupancy and profitability of the legally permitted properties throughout the area. And it's a problem that's growing everyday. We have a customized and automated solution to assist with STR regulation enforcement and work with local governments to product weekly and/or monthly city-wide compliance reports that can quickly locate non-permitted and illegal listings.

STR Regulation Compliance: Welcome

How Does it Work?

Regulations are set in place to ensure STR's are a benefit to the community, not a burden. With our customizable software, we make it easier than ever to ensure STR regulation compliance and locate non-compliant properties in any city or neighborhood.

Locating non-compliant properties is not only a way of ensuring regulations are followed, but is a way of capturing revenue the city is owed. Non-compliant listings often report less taxes, avoid proper permitting fees, and also flood the marketplace with non-compliant properties - limiting the rental opportunities for local hotels and the properly permitted STR's.

Customizable STR Regulation Compliance

Customizable Inputs

We understand every city has different STR regulations. Our software is customizable to ensure it can recognize non-compliance in a multitude of ways. We work with our clients to customize the software in advance to ensure it's accurately comparing individual listings against the local regulations and delivering actionable information.

STR Regulation Enforcement Management

Dedicated Account Manager

In addition to producing regular reports highlighting the non-compliant STR listings, we assign a dedicated account manager to all of our clients. They will have a thorough understanding of the regulations and work closely with the client to ensure satisfaction. While many of the regulation violations can be automatically captured, there are sometimes elements that require additional research, which our account managers would handle.

STR Regulation Compliance Reporting

Automated Summary Reports

There is no need for our clients to log into any type of complicated software or to review thousands of lines of an excel spreadsheet. We can set up summary reports which highlight non-compliant properties to be delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These reports are set up in accordance with the local STR regulations to further minimize any work needed on the city's behalf.

STR Regulation Enforcement Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We are happy to assist our clients in whatever capacity is most beneficial. We can come in and do a one time cleanup and report on active properties at the time, or we can act as an ongoing partner to not only clean up current listings, but ensure the listings continue to be compliant with local STR regulations. The best part - by using our system you're guaranteed to recapture revenues which will far exceed the cost of our service.

STR Regulation Compliance: Features

The Impact of Non-Compliant STR's

Lost revenue

STR's can be non-compliant for a variety of reasons, but regardless of the infraction there is always a negative financial impact to the city and it's residents. Some of the 'lowest hanging fruit':

  • STR's which allow a number of guests that exceed the max allowable occupancy limits per local regulations, turning what would normally be two bookings into one. 

  • STR's which are operating without a valid permit or on an expired permit, avoiding annual fees and potentially taxes.

  • STR's which are operating under a permit type that does not fit the actual use, flooding the market place with non-compliant rental units.

Detrimental to compliant businesses

Illegal and non-compliant STR's not only hurt other nearby Airbnb's, but also have a detrimental affect on all of the nearby hotels. Every non-compliant STR increases the supply of available rentals. This not only drives down bookings to local hotels and compliant STR's but also increases competition and drives down daily rates.

Hurts local neighborhoods

Many STR regulations are designed to help protect the local community. With that in mind, many regulations prohibit the amount of STR's allowed or the specific zoning areas in which STR's can operate. However, these rules are often ignored or circumvented. This takes away homes that would otherwise be available for locals as a long term rental. While tourism is often an important revenue source for a city, it's also important to ensure the tax paying citizens of that community are protected.

STR Regulation Compliance: List

With a partner like Simplify STR, enforcing STR regulation compliance does not have to be a difficult or costly process. We can help you develop systems and processes to quickly and easily identify problematic properties which will not only increase a city's revenue, but will help protect the local community and compliant businesses.

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